The Difference Between Eyebrow Waxing and Eyebrow Shaping

In the 90s and early 2000s, pencil thin eyebrows were all the rage. Tweezers were a girl’s best friend. We have since moved onward in our cosmetic trends. Now we all wish we had fuller eyebrows and eyebrow pencils are a necessity in our makeup collection. We make routine visits to brow bars and salons, but what do we ask for once we’re their? An eyebrow design or an eyebrows clean-up? Huntington Beach, CA is the perfect place to go explore and have your brows making the statement you want.

A simple eyebrow wax is when your eyebrows have outgrown their shape and need some cleaning up. Sometimes when you look in the mirror you see stray brow hairs and you know that tweezing them one at a time is going to be a painful and time-consuming task that you would much rather just pay someone to take care of all at once.

eyebrows clean-up? Huntington Beach, CA

Eyebrow shaping is something you collaborate on with your esthetician on. Your professional will take into consideration what you want and the shape of your face in order to design an eyebrow shape custom-made for you. Routine waxing will need to be done later on in order to keep this shape up, but once your brows are shaped just how you want them to be, that hard part of the process is done. If you keep up with regularly plucking, you probably won’t have to go back to the brow bar for a while.

Eyebrow shaping tends to be a little more expensive than just a simple waxing, but fortunately it comes with little perks. Many eyebrow design processes come with what are pretty much eyebrow facials. Essential oils often come with a short massage and a steamed towel treatment before waxing.