What Do Beauty Consultants Do?

You may have seen people working at make-up counters in department stores giving beauty advice and doing full faces of makeup for free. It doesn’t often occur to us that these beauty consultants aren’t always department store employees. Often they are selling a specific brand of cosmetics and are hired by that makeup company. Beauty consults work specifically to sell cosmetics, but to do so they must be knowledgeable about the product and how it best works. They’re there to sell a product, but they know how it works with your skin and how to best apply what you need. So you may seek out advice from a makeup consultant. Pasadena has plenty of options when it comes to finding one.

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Beauty consultants are able to recommend products to you based on skin tone, type, and face shape. They also do demonstrations, which is why so many department store makeup counters do free makeup applications. They also do them as promotions when selling certain products. Makeup consultants also manage the makeup counter. They sell the product and then handle packaging, wrapping, and payment. Because they work in department stores, consultants mostly work department store hours, five days a week, including weekends. Retail’s busiest business hours are on weekends and after people in office positions get off work, so the beauty consultant tends to have weekday days off and works past five in the evening.

Beauty consultant need to be outgoing and friendly, since they work exclusively with the public and are trying to sell a product. One of the most important things to know and do when it comes to working retail is that you must be patient with customers, even when they aren’t acting in a way that makes it easy to be polite to them. In sales, the customer always comes first.

Being a makeup consultant can be hard but rewarding work, and seeking out the advice of a beauty consultant can also give you further insight into what cosmetics are best for you.